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Plant Portfolio

The EPICO Group owns 60 power plants producing energy from water, solar and woody biomass in Italy and abroad. The total installed capacity is 26.5 MW.

The plants are built with solid civil and hydraulic works, quality electromechanical machinery and a high level of automation, in total respect of the environment. They are monitored continuously through a satellite remote control system, a 24/7 internal availability service that provides the availability of a technician and an operational team to maximize production. Plant maintenance is planned using a predictive approach. The management and maintenance area processes through the use of proprietary software the data and alarms provided by the sensors installed on the power plants and proceeds with the replacement of the main electromechanical components in advance of the end of their useful life, minimizing the down time of production.

EPICO - Energy Production Industry Company SRL
EPICO with a share capital of 10,000,000 euros, owns production plants and holds interests in industrial companies.
Epico and its subsidiaries invest in plants from renewable sources in Italy and abroad

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